Astroworld Merch

Astroworld Merch - Background

The Astroworld Festival is an annual music event founded by American musician Travis Scott in 2018, taking its name from his third studio album released the same year. The event was organized and managed by Live Nation and its affiliates. Apple Music streamed Scott’s performance live.

The 2021 festival was planned for two consecutive nights. Tickets were sold out in under an hour upon going on sale in May, and 100,000 in total were expected to attend. Authorities initially planned to limit attendees to 70,000 the first night, and that was reduced to 50,000 closer to the event, even though city fire codes permitted 200,000 people.

Astroworld Merch

Early life - Travis Scott

Jacques Bermon Webster II was born on April 30, 1991, in Houston, Texas. From ages one through six, Webster lived with his grandmother in South Park, Houston. Located in south-central Houston, the neighborhood was notorious for crime and had an impact on a young Webster, “Growing up, my grandmother stayed in the ‘hood so I seen random crazy shit. [I saw] mad bums and crazy spazzed out motherfuckers, I saw people looking weird, hungry, and grimey [sic]. I was always like, ‘I gotta get the fuck out this shit.’ It gave me my edge—[it made me] who I am right now.”

Webster moved to Missouri City, a middle-class suburban area bordering southwest Houston, to live with his parents. His mother worked for Apple and his father ran his own business. Webster’s father is also a soul musician and his grandfather was a jazz composer. Webster attended Elkins High School and graduated at seventeen. During high school, he participated in musical theater. Webster then attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, before dropping out his second year to fully pursue his music career.

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